How to accomplish your philanthropic goals in 2012!


One of our family’s new year’s resolutions in 2012 is to give more than we gave in 2011. Like most resolutions or goals, this won’t get accomplished simply by having good intentions. So along with budgeting, we laid out the 3 easy steps below to help get us going in the right direction. Enjoy!

  1. Contact your favorite non-profits. Let them know you’re making decisions on where to give this year, and you wanted to meet with them to discuss what they have planned.
  2. After meeting with your favorite organizations, decide how much of your total income you want to give for the year and divide 90% of that total amongst the organizations you plan to fund. The remaining 10% will allow you to give to those good causes that you find out about after you’ve already made you plans for the year. If nothing comes up, you can surprise the other organizations you already support with a nice “holiday bonus’ donation.
  3. Issue a formal pledge to each organization. There are few things that scream commitment louder than signing your name. Making your intentions to give a specific amount public through a formal pledge to the organization not only inspires you to fulfill your commitment, but also helps the organization make plans or adjustments to their fund strategy for the year.

Philanthropy should be fun! Enjoy the process and encourage others to do the same.

The “Instead” app- Making daily decisions for the greater good


My good buddy Micah Davis just released an amazing tool that encourages philanthropy everyday.  The “Instead” app is a micro-donation app for non-profits that encourages people to live below their means in order to give to their favorite non-profit!  “Instead” of buying that Carmel Apple Spice at Starbucks today for $5, I think I’ll donate it to help needy families traveling to Tulsa for a medical emergency through The Hospitality House of Tulsa.  Thanks, Micah!  The “Instead” app is available now in iTunes, and will be available for Android users by February of 2012. Check it out and spread the word!

Help others this Holiday season with the Tulsa Dream Center


The Tulsa Dream Center has several great initiatives going on this holiday season that you might want to be apart of.

Coat Collection: Keep children in the North Tulsa community warm this Winter by donating a new coat, hat, and gloves to the Tulsa Dream Center.

Thanksgiving Feast: Feed hundreds of needy families this Thanksgiving by donating a frozen turkey to the Tulsa Dream Center. At least 50 turkeys are needed.

Bike Giveaway: Share Christmas with a child in need by helping the Tulsa Dream Center giveaway 200 bikes for Christmas. $49 buys 1 bike! Walmart is helping to put the bikes together.

To give to any of these initiatives or find out more information about the Tulsa Dream Center, visit:

The Helmerich Foundation Opens Doors to Families in Medical Crisis with $100K Grant


TULSA, OKLA., Aug 31, 2011-  With a generous contribution of $100,000 to Hospitality House of Tulsa’s “H2 –  Hospitality to the 2nd Power” Expansion Campaign, The Helmerich Foundation helped welcome the first of thousands of families in need to their new “home away from home” family suite. The Helmerich Foundation’s donation, along with 95 other
donors from our local community, brought Hospitality House to 84 percent of their campaign goal of $1.3 million in just 18 months.  On August 31, just five years since opening
their first facility, Hospitality House opened the doors of their second facility to families in need, checking the first family into The Helmerich Foundation “Faith” Suite.

About the Hospitality House of Tulsa:

Hospitality House of Tulsa is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to offer a ‘home away from home’ for families caring for loved ones in medical crisis.  Their programs provide lodging, meals, prayer support, and community support services to hundreds of families each year that must travel to Tulsa to receive specialized medical care found in all 14 Tulsa area hospitals.

For more information about The Hospitality House of Tulsa, financial planning for your family, or how to help families in medical crisis, call (918) 794-0088, or visit

Flipping & Faith for Bright Futures! – Aim High Academy


We met Jennifer Patterson, the founder of Aim High Academy, several years ago and absolutely loved her idea to bring change in her community through gymnastics. Aim High Academy is a non-profit gymnastics program that is now serving more than 150 urban children in at-risk communities Tulsa! Aim High seeks to provide flipping and faith to bring a bright future for the children in its programs. Help them win a Pepsi Refreshing Ideas grant so they can bring an US Olympian to Tulsa to inspire the children in her group. You can vote every day! Find out more about Aim High Academy at

ONEOK donates over $500K for new College of Business ‘Shark Tank’ at ORU.


Not the kind of shark tank with water, greenery, and sea creatures. This proverbial ‘Shark Tank’ will be a state of the art technology boardroom where seniors can present their final projects in ORU’s College of Business. Find out more here:

Artists renderings are out for the $8 Million Alumni-Student Center at ORU.


Thanks to generous donations from the Armand Hammer Family, Michael & Jackie Cardone, and several alumni and friends of ORU; the construction for the new Hammer Alumni/ Student Center at ORU will break ground early next year. Check out the artist renderings of the building, and learn more about how you can be involved by visiting

Say What?! A free album?


Humble Beast & theBreax are among a growing number of record labels and indie artist that are giving their music away for free. That’s great! Who doesn’t like free stuff? But before I can just take the music and run, I have to ask the queastion ‘why?’. The music that they’re giving away isn’t 2nd rate leftovers from a previous album or previously released tracks in a compilation under a different name. It’s extremely well- written and produced full length albums that cost quite a bit to make. Many of these artists also have families to support. How do they give their music away for free and still survive? Humble Beast gave their answer in the following link as to why they give away their music for free ( Others may have the same or different reasons as to why they do it, but what should be the response for those of us that really value the art? We believe that the answer to that question is what Cause Junkie is all about: Enjoy, Support, Share.

  • Enjoy their music. That’s part of the reason why the artist created it.
  • Support their music. Give a donation when you download it, or remember to do it later if you don’t have the funds now.
  • Share their music. Post about it in social media or personally tell your friends or others you meet.

Doing these things not only shows your appreciation for their talent and hard work, but it may also help insure that the artist or label is still able to keep putting out quality music for free.

Check out theBreax at or

Check out Humble Beast at or