Braille: Native Lungs


You gotta love this guy’s dedication and hardwork committed to the art. It seems like Braille’s been doing this forever because he’s always grinding. His latest work, ‘Native Lungs’ is now out and available for free download at

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Listening Sessions on Rapzilla with new music from Braille & Wit & Dre Murray


Another reason to like Rapzilla is all of the free listening sessions they have on unreleased music. Stop by today to hear Braille’s “Native Lungs” and Wit & Dre Murray’s Episode 2 of “Hell’s Paradise II”.

Braille’s Listeing Session:

Wit & Dre Murray’s Listening Session:

Natural highs with Pneums


As a self-proclaimed ‘connoisseur of underground hip hop’, one of the things that gives us that natural high here at Cause Junkie is discovering new or ‘new to us’ artist. So when we got a link for Pneums ( from videographer Ben Lindsey (, we were floating for a while! Check out there link below for the video, visit Pneums & Ben Lindsey’s links below, and remember to Enjoy, Support, and Share.

Ben Lindsey

YDI gets it!


Cause Junkie is all about nonprofits that achieve measurable outcomes. So when we heard about Youth Development Initiatives and their ‘outcome-oriented program designs based on research and on well-recognized best practices’, we had to give a big shout out to Darryl Bego and the entire YDI team. Why?  YDI understands that a good cause is not enough. Results that matter are what donors want to support. YDI’s mission is to serve at-risk youth and youth-serving organizations by providing comprehensive curriculum and specially tailored program designs to train youth ages 14-22 in the following areas:

  • Life skills
  • College Prep & Career planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Job Readiness
  • Leadership skills & Community service
  • 21st Century Learning Skills

Check out their website at: , “Like” them on Facebook:!/pages/Youth-Development-Initiatives/141848252567946 , and remember to enjoy, support and share with others!

Quality + Dopeness = Japhia Life


We’re not sure why he doesn’t get more plays. It seems that everything Japhia Life puts out is infused with quality & dopeness. His new album “Live from the Pharmacy” seems like it’s going to be no different. Check out a sample below:

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‘Boots on the ground’ equals changed lives in Haiti


There is nothing like ‘boots on the ground’ and hard work when a job needs to be done! That’s why Cause Junkie loves what Victory Compassion, Rod Baker and so many other have continued to do in Haiti. Here’s a video showing their work building relief homes and orphanages specifically designed to provide emergency shelter from strong winds and rain that are typical in the Caribbean. For more information on this project and others, check out their website:  and follow Rod Baker on Twitter.

Good Music with no “Ego” ~ Wit & Dre Murray


If you haven’t heard of Dre Murray, then you’ve just done yourself a favor by clicking on this link. I won’t spoil your self-initiated discovery of his talent as a gifted storyteller and lyricist by revealing it all to you here though. Just start by checking out the track below from his latest work with MC/producer Wit called Hell’s Paradise II, and then continue your discovery over at This track features Eshon Burgundy (1st Verse), Dre Murray (2nd & 4th verse), Wit (3rd and 5th verse), Sean C. Johnson (Hook), and was produced by legendary hip hop producer Black Milk. Enjoy.

The Harbor~ Providing Safety & Restoration for Russia’sYoung Adult Orphans.


Cause Junkie is not bound to regions within the United States! Our good friend and fellow ORU alumnus, Chris Gandy, put us on to The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia and we had to share. The Harbor seeks to provide an answer for the 10,000 young adult orphans that are released at the age of 17 each year from the Russian state orphanage system. Of the 10,000 released each year, 8,500 become criminals, prostitutes, drug dealers, homeless, or prison inmates. 500 commit suicide. The Harbor’s mission is to find these young adult orphans that have recently left the state system and offer them real hope for a future along with the education and skills to secure it. They do this by placing a group of 6-8 young adults in a family-style residential apartment with full-time mentors where they receive practical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and vocational formation.  Chris, his wife Anya, and their baby girl Nina will be traveling to St. Petersburg this fall to be full-time mentors for a group of young adults in The Harbor’s residential program. Check out this short video by Chris on The Harbor and contact him at or through to find out how you can support the young adult orphans  in Russia.

What does Philanthropy have in common with Underground Hip Hop?


Philanthropy and Underground Hip Hop probably have more in common than you think. The links that bind the two together is actually what inspired the concept for Cause Junkie. Few things can become addictive more quickly than supporting a cause you believe in. Not just something you agree with. We’re talking about a cause that actually resonates with everything that you personally identify with and want your life to represent. Those causes don’t come around often, but when they do they drive you to levels of euphoric support that you didn’t think were imaginable.  All of the time, money, and effort that you give is justifiable because ‘mission’ that is meaningful to you is being accomplished. Those are many of the same thoughts and motives that drive Hip Hop artists in and around the underground channels to do what they do with sometimes very little monetary reward or recognition. Their time, money, and hard work on their music is all justifiable sometimes even in the face of tremendous opposition. They do it because it draws them closer to their ultimate goal of making a quality product and/or spreading a message; and that’s what makes us here at Cause Junkie a big fan.