ONEOK donates over $500K for new College of Business ‘Shark Tank’ at ORU.


Not the kind of shark tank with water, greenery, and sea creatures. This proverbial ‘Shark Tank’ will be a state of the art technology boardroom where seniors can present their final projects in ORU’s College of Business. Find out more here:

Artists renderings are out for the $8 Million Alumni-Student Center at ORU.


Thanks to generous donations from the Armand Hammer Family, Michael & Jackie Cardone, and several alumni and friends of ORU; the construction for the new Hammer Alumni/ Student Center at ORU will break ground early next year. Check out the artist renderings of the building, and learn more about how you can be involved by visiting

Say What?! A free album?


Humble Beast & theBreax are among a growing number of record labels and indie artist that are giving their music away for free. That’s great! Who doesn’t like free stuff? But before I can just take the music and run, I have to ask the queastion ‘why?’. The music that they’re giving away isn’t 2nd rate leftovers from a previous album or previously released tracks in a compilation under a different name. It’s extremely well- written and produced full length albums that cost quite a bit to make. Many of these artists also have families to support. How do they give their music away for free and still survive? Humble Beast gave their answer in the following link as to why they give away their music for free ( Others may have the same or different reasons as to why they do it, but what should be the response for those of us that really value the art? We believe that the answer to that question is what Cause Junkie is all about: Enjoy, Support, Share.

  • Enjoy their music. That’s part of the reason why the artist created it.
  • Support their music. Give a donation when you download it, or remember to do it later if you don’t have the funds now.
  • Share their music. Post about it in social media or personally tell your friends or others you meet.

Doing these things not only shows your appreciation for their talent and hard work, but it may also help insure that the artist or label is still able to keep putting out quality music for free.

Check out theBreax at or

Check out Humble Beast at or

Braille: Native Lungs


You gotta love this guy’s dedication and hardwork committed to the art. It seems like Braille’s been doing this forever because he’s always grinding. His latest work, ‘Native Lungs’ is now out and available for free download at

Follow him on Twitter:

Check out his Facebook:

Listening Sessions on Rapzilla with new music from Braille & Wit & Dre Murray


Another reason to like Rapzilla is all of the free listening sessions they have on unreleased music. Stop by today to hear Braille’s “Native Lungs” and Wit & Dre Murray’s Episode 2 of “Hell’s Paradise II”.

Braille’s Listeing Session:

Wit & Dre Murray’s Listening Session:

Natural highs with Pneums


As a self-proclaimed ‘connoisseur of underground hip hop’, one of the things that gives us that natural high here at Cause Junkie is discovering new or ‘new to us’ artist. So when we got a link for Pneums ( from videographer Ben Lindsey (, we were floating for a while! Check out there link below for the video, visit Pneums & Ben Lindsey’s links below, and remember to Enjoy, Support, and Share.

Ben Lindsey

YDI gets it!


Cause Junkie is all about nonprofits that achieve measurable outcomes. So when we heard about Youth Development Initiatives and their ‘outcome-oriented program designs based on research and on well-recognized best practices’, we had to give a big shout out to Darryl Bego and the entire YDI team. Why?  YDI understands that a good cause is not enough. Results that matter are what donors want to support. YDI’s mission is to serve at-risk youth and youth-serving organizations by providing comprehensive curriculum and specially tailored program designs to train youth ages 14-22 in the following areas:

  • Life skills
  • College Prep & Career planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Job Readiness
  • Leadership skills & Community service
  • 21st Century Learning Skills

Check out their website at: , “Like” them on Facebook:!/pages/Youth-Development-Initiatives/141848252567946 , and remember to enjoy, support and share with others!